The 30 Day Challenge

The FITTER YOU! 30-day Life Change Programme is a 30-day challenge that combines all the aspects of human social life – spiritual, mental/emotional, social and physical – into one programme.

There’s a spring of wellness locked deep inside of you. Your health is your most important resource, with which everything else is possible. You can live in absolute health, absolute strength, and absolute wellness, all day, every day.

Our Big promise

In 30 days, we’ll take you on a journey from overweight and sick, to healthy and fit. In 30 days, you’ll recreate your body and your mind.

Better eating habit
Become stronger, fitter and healthier in 30 days than you’ve ever been, your whole life.


Hello, are you tired of

1. Struggling with illnesses without results?
2. Trying to lose weight with fad diets, pills and overhyped exercise regimens?
3. Purchasing fitness DVDs and subscriptions?
4. Trying out exercise routine after exercise routine?
5. Hiring and changing personal coaches?
6. Opening, renewing, and cancelling dozens of gym memberships?

Are you wondering if there’s a better way to live? If this is you, this is for you.


A long time ago, I realised there was a better way to live. As a family, we were tired and weak all the time. I was unable to put in the long hours that my work demanded. My husband’s health broke down all the time, and my children visited the hospital every other time.

I was tired of living this way, and I devoted myself to figuring out the secrets of healthy living. My family soon followed, and the passing years have proven that we were right in altering our lifestyles to build our health. Even with our hectic schedules, we’ve never had a breakdown, and all our children are in tiptop shape.

We took this beyond us, and began sharing it with people who worked with us. The results were phenomenal. They felt stronger in a few weeks than they’d ever felt in many years. They lost weight, felt healthier, and felt more confident.

And now we’ve brought to you!

Now, imagine

1. Reclaiming your health back completely
2. Having a fit and healthy family
3. Being able to save more money because you’re not spending on hospital bills
4. Being able to fit into those clothes without needing extra help
5. Being able to sleep and rest sweetly and soundly, without sleeping pills
6. Looking 10 years younger, and even more


1. Expertly researched, designed, and proven meal plan
2. Intermittent fasting
3. High intensity workout sessions
4. Virtual community and support
5. Specialised learning sessions
6. Q & A live

What you will learn

1. How to change your eating habits
2. How to nourish your body properly
3. How to improve your overall health
4. How to heal your body through intermittent fasting
5. How to sustain your weight management results


1. Community support group
2. Intermittent fasting plan
3. Exclusive training by the founder

& Impact

Every time I had my period, I’d usually experience dizziness and fainting spells, especially when stressed. When FITTER YOU! started, I was unsure because my cycle had just started. I also couldn’t eat vegetables; I’d vomit every time I ate any. But I decided to participate in the programme, to follow the meal plan and do the exercises. Amazingly, I haven’t vomited once. Also, all through my period, I didn’t feel dizzy. I’m so much better now.

Thank you for FITTER YOU!


I have a lot more stamina, and I don’t get tired as often as I used to. I sleep better now, and I’ve lost a lot of weight. The meal plan is amazing.


Before FITTER YOU! I had a condition on my flesh that caused severe pain whenever my hand touched my skin, like I touched an open wound. A pharmacist prescribed some vitamins for me, after diagnosing it as a problem with my nerves. I also had a burning sensation on my feet, which had lasted for years. It would start at night and continue till morning. I’d also been on prescriptions for hypertension since 2015.

Three days in, I started noticing differences. First, the nerve pain stopped. The burning sensation has also stopped. Now, I no longer feel the hypertensive symptoms and I no longer have to continue with the drug.

I’m so grateful for FITTER YOU!



healthy support system


• You believe there’s a better way to live, than what you’re experiencing.
• You want to improve your physical health without the trouble of regular gym memberships
• You’re looking for a wholistic approach to health and fitness that takes care of your spirit, mind and body
• You want to improve your creativity and explore new sides of yourself
• You want to be part of a close community as you go your health recreation journey.
• You’re willing to commit to a lifestyle change that will improve your overall health and wellbeing


“Your body is a delicate machine of pristine perfection.”

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